Home Video Editing Tips to Take Your Home Movies to the Cutting-Edge

Home video editing provides huge challenges and immense opportunities that a few simple home video editing tips can unleash. Most amateur videographers spend all of their time, planning and effort in shooting the video. Once that is finished, or as they used to say, in the can, it is time to move onto the next step, the editing, where simple home movie tips can greatly improve your project.I really do mean simple home movie editing tips. First, you should spend as much time in planning the editing of your project as you did planning the shooting of it. If you spend this time in the pre-production of your project, many of the pitfalls of editing can be easily avoided. These home video tips apply to projects that you shoot from a script, as well as family events that happen spontaneously.Home movie editing tip number two is to think of the sizes of your shots while both shooting and editing your video. You want to make edits that go from one size shot to another size shot. If your camera angle stays the same and you cut out some footage, the resulting cut will look like a time cut where the action jumps from one point to another. This is called a jump cut in the world of professional video editors. You should avoid jump cuts unless you are trying to add the effect of time compression to your story. If you have zoomed in with the camera, the cut will look smoother and more natural, even though it is still the same angle.Of all the home movie editing tips, number three is the most often over looked and the one tip that can add the most professionalism to your video editing. Try to change camera angles when you make cuts! It’s not that hard when you are shooting your video, to stop the shot and move five or six feet to either side and re-size the shot before you resume shooting. If you employ only one of these home video editing tips, this is the one you should always use, because it brings the most professionalism to your video editing. Every time you change your camera angle on a cut it makes the cut that much smoother.My fourth home movie editing tip is really a sub heading for number three. Over-lap or pre-lap your audio on picture cuts whenever possible. This is very important, because the sudden change of sound on a picture cut can make you sense that there is something wrong with the picture cut, when in actuality, it is the sound that is jarring.If you use just these four home video editing tips, you will see a vast improvement in your home video editing projects. It’s just that simple, employ these four basic home video editing tips and you are on the way to being the envy of your video editing contemporaries.

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